Sponsor a Rescue Horses - North Dallas, TX

If interested in learning more about the different rescued horses available for sponsor,  reach out to Precious Diamonds Rescue at [email protected]

Rescue Horses! Tammy has been rescuing horses for years and has seen these horses come from all different types of backgrounds. She has many pure-breed horses available, along with different sizes, genders, and personalities. Each of these horses have their own story they come with, but they are now looking the easy life of retirement. 

What Does Sponsoring Mean:
You will help pay a monthly amount (any amount you choose) to help care for a specific horse you choose. You'll come out to the Sanctuary, meet the horses and decide which you'd like to sponsor! Once you have a horse in mind, then you let the Sanctuary know the monthly amount you are able to send. Then you can schedule times to come out and visit your sponsored horse, feed and give them treats, groom them and love on them!

What Sponsoring Assists With:
Sponsoring helps the Rescue and Sanctuary team care for the horses on a daily basis. Caring for 1 horses can be pricey and they have many more! Many of the horses at the Sanctuary are also senior and therefore they may need special food or supplements. They all need hay and of course treats and goodies! There is the amount for upkeep and keeping them clean and happy. So any amount you can donate for your sponsorship is appreciated more than you know!

Contact:  The rescue horses pictured are available through Precious Diamonds Rescue at [email protected].

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We are an animal advocacy group focusing on "harder-to-adopt" and "long-stay" rescue animals in the DFW area. These animals have been at a shelter, rescue or in foster care longer than the average animal and are often overlooked. We help find them that perfect furrever home!

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